Parking for Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders

If you are a current Blue Badge holder, you are automatically entitled to a permit to use a University parking space as close as possible to the entrance of your workplace. Your department is responsible for reserving a suitable space for you whenever you need it. Otherwise it will be available for other users. You must display your Blue Badge and your parking permit. If you need to travel frequently between 2 or more sites, you are entitled to space at each one. If you visit only occasionally, you will need to arrange a parking space yourself.

If you don’t have a Blue Badge but are eligible for one, you should obtain one to qualify for the scheme, but arrangements can be made for you in the meantime.

Temporary mobility impairment 

If you have a temporary mobility problem, as a result of injury, for example, can still get to work but are unable to use public transport or cycle, you may be entitled to a temporary parking permit at the discretion of your department.

Other conditions

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to use public transport or cycle, you will be considered a high priority for a University parking permit.

If you are not happy with the result of your application, the University’s Occupational Health Service can obtain medical reports in confidence, with your consent. You can also appeal to the Transport Planning Working Group. Contact the team if you want to do this.

Parking for disabled visitors

Departments should make clear whether disabled parking is available in any information they provide visitors, where it is and whether it is necessary to book. To apply for disabled parking and for further information and advice, contact the team.

Disabled Parking Permit

Click here to apply for your permit.


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