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It’s important to understand that a Temporary Permission To Park (TPTP) permit is temporary and may be withdrawn at short notice following changes to Government travel advice. A TPTP permit gives you the right to ‘hunt’ for space, it does not give you the right to use a particular space and does not guarantee that a space is available. Also, you can’t use your permit for street parking. 

To apply for a TPTP parking permit you will need an account on the University’s Planon system. If you already use FM Helpdesk or FacilityNet to order services like catering or room booking, you can use your existing login. If you need help contact the Planon Systems team. 

When applying for TPTP permit, make sure that you select the nominated car park administrator for your department, otherwise, your application may be delayed. 

Successful applicants will automatically be subscribed to the Temporary Permission To Park mailing list in order to receive updates on where they should park and the availability on different sites.  

You can track the progress of your application on Planon. If your application is rejected you will need to contact your departmental administrator for further information. The head of department will make a final decision but if you are not happy with this you may then appeal to the Car Parking Working Group. Contact the Sustainable Transport Officer if you want to do this. 

Types of permit 

Under the temporary arrangements, there are just two types of peak permit valid for parking at all University sites within the Oxford ring-road: Disabled Permit and TPTP permit. Existing off-peak permit holders may also continue to use these at off-peak times. 

If you want to park at one of the hospital sites, you will need to email Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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This permit can be specified for particular days or times. Specifying will help your department to manage their allocations and also help the University to manage the car parks.  

The permits are marked with the relevant days and times when the permit is valid for use at peak times. 

University site Restrictions Cost  

All sites within the Oxford ring-road.

Only available to staff in these departments. N/A APPLY


Blue Badge holders

If you are a current Blue Badge holder, you are automatically entitled to a permit to use a University parking space as close as possible to the entrance of your workplace.

Your department is responsible for reserving a suitable space for you whenever you need it.

Otherwise, it will be available for other users. You must display your Blue Badge and your parking permit. If you need to travel frequently between 2 or more sites, you are entitled to space at each one. If you visit only occasionally, you will need to arrange a parking space yourself.

If you don’t have a Blue Badge but are eligible for one, you should obtain one to qualify for the scheme, but arrangements can be made for you in the meantime.

Permits are valid for up to 12 months from 1 October to 30 September.

Disabled parking permit 2019 - 20

Hosts an apply button for the Disable parking permit.
University Sites Restrictions Cost  
All Sites Blue Badge holders only N/A APPLY


For further information relating to disabled parking or advice contact Ed Wigzell, Sustainable Travel Officer.

To cancel your TPTP permit please email

Tell us if you: 

  • change your car and have a new registration number, including if you have a different car temporarily for repairs or services. Be aware notices in windscreens are not permitted. 
  • change your name or other contact details.


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Information for permit administrators – managing applications

If you are responsible for handling parking permit applications for staff in your department you need to make sure that the Nominated Car Parking Permit Administrator for your department in the TPTP list has access to Planon and can approve/not approve applications as they are submitted. If you want to discuss the number of TPTP your department has been allocated please contact 

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