Technology for virtual meetings

Consider alternatives to travel

Before any meeting, ask yourself ‘do we really need to discuss this face-to-face?’ – if the answer is ‘no’, opt for a virtual meeting instead.   

Find out here how to make the most of the University online resources and tools to conduct meetings, stream events or hold interviews without the need to travel.    
Tele/video-conferencing and web collaboration are all great ways to help reduce your own and your department’s environmental impact with the additional benefits of:  

  • convenience  
  • cost savings for travel, accommodation and staff time  
  • ability to link several sites simultaneously  
  • access to remotely located experts  

Tele and Video conferencing are increasingly popular options across the University. Departments usually make their own arrangements so please ask your Departmental Administrator in the first instance. 

To link up virtually with colleagues you can: 

For tele and video-conferences involving multi-sites and/or a higher number of participants, you may require greater functionality and IT support.

Some University departments have allocated space for their own tele and video-conference facilities which are available to book by other Members of the University.  

Unsure if your department has its own video conferencing facilities? Ask your Departmental Administrator for guidance. For general advice, contact the IT Service Desk on +44 (0)1865 6 12345 or

The Oxford Hub for International Virtual Education (HIVE) at Saïd Business School provides a cutting edge ‘virtual classroom’ centred around a high-definition video wall.  It uses real-time video communication tools to create an immersive learning and teaching experience. Class leaders can use the space to engage with up to 84 people at one time in the same way as in a physical lecture room.

The HIVE teleconferencing resource is free of charge although a charge will be made if you require a dedicated technician to support you.  You can book The HIVE by emailing or call 01865 288846. 

Need help?  IT Services run a range of programmes and are happy to help with specific requests.  Visit the IT Services Contact

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